Our Company

Welcome to the first ever cloud based onsite resident manager software! Our Software is built to handle the ongoing tasks of monitoring and managing your onsite manager(s) in multi-family apartment buildings. MyOnsiteManager software was designed by property owners and property managers to fulfill, streamline, and automate the tasks and jobs of onsite resident managers. We know first-hand how cumbersome and complicated it can be to manage an onsite manager, and even more so when you are managing multiple onsite managers at the same time. We are here to help simplify the process, and help you stay organized! After years of managing and overseeing dozens of onsite managers, we could clearly see there was a common gap in the process of tracking work and receipts from onsite managers.
Even after years of research with real estate attorneys and labor attorneys, the gap continued to remain. We always had the same question: What was the correct way to approach the management and oversight of the onsite resident manager position?
Through trial and error, MyOnsiteManager.com was born. Out of necessity to not only provide true and accurate compliance tracking, but also to automate and outsource the tracking, management, and ongoing compliance of onsite resident managers. This allows us the ability to reduce and/or eliminate the risks involved with having a tenant, who is also an employee, at a property. Long gone are the days of using Excel, Word, Dropbox, Google Docs, or whatever other manual processes you currently have in place to ensure your onsite resident managers are performing properly! Allow us the opportunity to assist with your ongoing supervision and compliance related tasks that are required to manage your on-site manager(s). Then sit back and watch as your tasks are put on autopilot!
~ MyOnsiteManager.com Team