Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who has an employee who also resides on the property (onsite manager) can sign up and benefit from our software. was established and designed to automate and fulfill the legal requirements several states have in place for apartment buildings. These legal requirements require a person to live on site. As a result, we developed this software based on our own needs to track our existing resident managers. can be used in any state or country in which an onsite resident manager is used. It was initially developed based on the laws in the states of California and New York.

While was initially developed based on laws in the state of California, we understand other states may have different laws. We are always looking to, and working towards improving our software. Please contact us and we would be happy to work towards customizing the software to fit your state laws.

Owners are individuals who have an ownership interest in the property. Property Management Companies are third party businesses who provide property management services to owners. Both Owners and Property Management Companies would be classified as the role of ‘Owner’ in our system and would oversee the onsite managers they have through their admin account.

There is no limit to the number of onsite managers you can add to your account. Each onsite manager is billed individually.

They are considered one in the same throughout our software.

Notifications will be sent via email based on your settings. You will also see summary reports when you login to your account.

We use a combination of emails and text messages that are systematically sent to your onsite manager each day, week, and month. These notifications will remind them, and keep them accountable, for their logs and work performed. Your onsite managers will easily be able to input their work using their smartphone and/or computer every day to keep them in compliance.

Over many years of working with and employing onsite managers, we have identified the important aspects of the position along with what we believe reduce an Owner’s legal risks. As a result, we have developed a proprietary algorithm that provides a performance score for each onsite manager. This allows us to compare onsite managers on an apples-to-apples basis and know who is performing best. This scoring system can lead to promotions, bonuses, etc.

Through managing our own onsite managers, we have learned over the years that Owners and Property Management Companies have their own set of responsibilities when dealing with an onsite manager. Onsite managers are employees of the Owner and/or Property Management Company. Therefore, we find it important to keep an owner accountable in terms of verifying onsite manager reports, reimbursing receipts, reimbursing mileage, and so forth. It is imperative that employers of onsite managers remain accountable so they remain in compliance and avoid legal issues. Our goal is to automate and streamline these tasks as much as possible.

Yes, your onsite manager should keep track of their receipts, mileage, petty cash, and so on. We have segmented each category so the onsite manager can upload all their receipts into their portal. From there, they can request reimbursements, and receive confirmation when reimbursements have been paid. Owners can see these reports and download copies of each receipt. This ensures Owners are kept in compliance as well.

We keep onsite managers in compliance by requiring them to submit their daily hours, report their expenses, confirm they are performing their job duties, ensure they have signed their employee documents, and much more.

At this time, there are no options to customize your admin page. We are constantly working to improve our software and we welcome all comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us with any feedback you have.

Owners can update onsite manager pages. When doing so, we require an electronic initial or signature from the onsite manager so you are protected.

At this time, we offer two different plans and have a third plan coming soon. Please visit the pricing section of our website for a detailed description of what we offer, including the price of each plan. You can find the link to the pricing section at the top of this page.

We will send out a monthly email with updates in the industry. Additionally, we send a series of emails twice a year with semi-annual promotions and bonus material.

At this time, we do not have any referral discounts. However, we send out promotions and referral discounts at different times throughout the year.

In a very niche market, and after years of managing onsite managers, we found no support other than a handful of word documents and excel spreadsheets to help our team. Additionally, we discovered there was a lot of confusion in the industry about how to effectively manage an onsite manager. After years of experience, we feel we have made significant headway to help provide Owners and Property Managers with much needed support and a true system to track and manage their onsite manager(s).

At this time, our website is designed to oversee and assist with resident managers. We have plans in the future to develop a sister site to track maintenance and handymen.
If you do not see your question listed above, please contact our support team. We would be happy to answer any questions you have.